Sparking Conversation through Literacy

Shared reading time is a great opportunity to sit-down with your child to have some good quality time. Of course, every time you read with your child you are working on strengthening their reading skills but it also provides an opportunity to discuss the story and create text-to-life connections.

Talking about stuttering with your child can feel overwhelming. As a caregiver, you may have a lot of your own questions and emotions about stuttering and/or having a conversation about stuttering.  You are not alone.  Using a book to facilitate the conversation may give you more clarity - making the experience easier for the both of you and (bonus!) you may even have some fun along the way. 

Here is a list of books that may help start the conversation:

“Steggie’s Stutter” by: Jack Hughes

 “Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand” by: Artie Knapp or  access this story for free on Youtube

“Sophie’s Stutter” by: Ingrid Bruske

“Gabriela (American Girl)” by: Teresa E. Harris


Happy Reading!

Tiffany Marino, associate speech-language pathologist, Schneider Speech