Stuttering Genes and Genetic Expression

Gene Expression

We invite you to listen-in to some of the greatest brains and latest findings (and ponderings) in this podcast from Stuttertalk.

They discuss the physical aspects of stuttering related to genes and brain structure as well as discussing “subgroups” in stuttering research.

Including Shelly Jo Kraft and Keiichi Yasu join Kerianne Druker and Tom Weidig, recorded in 2018 at the One World, Many Voices: Science and Community World Congress in Hiroshima.


Dr. Shelly Jo Kraft researches etiology of stuttering and she leads global genetics research at Wayne State University. (See more about our research work with Shelly Jo Kraft)

Keiichi Yasu explores neuroscience and behavioral aspect of stuttering at Tsukuba University of Technology in Japan.

Kerianne Druker is PhD student and speech-language pathologist from Curtin University, Australia and member of Research & Publication Committee of the International Fluency Association (IFA).

Dr. Tom Weidig from Luxemberg is co-chair of the International Fluency Association’s Research & Publication Committee and creator and publisher of the Stuttering Brain Blog.

Joining UC Riverside School of Medicine

The team includes some of the greatest stuttering research minds in the world.

This summer 2019, Uri Schneider joins the faculty of University of California Riverside School of Medicine.


Uri’s appointment at UCR is coupled with his involvement in worldwide trans-disciplinary stuttering research. This cutting-edge research is on the frontier of exploration, seeking further understanding of the stuttering experience and better treatment options for stuttering from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Uri joins an illustrious team led by Dr. Gerald Maguire.

Dr. Gerald Maguire leading psychiatrist and neuroscience researcher, Director of the Kirkup Center for the Medical Treatment of Stuttering

Dr. Scott Yaruss leading clinical researcher at Michigan State

Dr. Shelly Jo Kraft leading genetic researcher from Wayne State

Dr. Per Alm leading neuroscience researcher from Uppsala University, Sweden

Uri Schneider joins this team to explore the frontiers of stuttering research, incorporating multiple disciplines and aspects of consideration including pharmacology, genetics, imaging and clinical profiles.

No one size fits all.

Uri brings unique interest in subgroups within the general population of people who stutter. By using all the tools at our disposal, we can identify and treat people more effectively and efficiently, giving each person the best individual care they deserve.