Identify yourself (#NSA2019 in Florida)

It was a National Stuttering Association conference to remember!

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The people, the sun, the humidity, the stunning basketball court (and the inescapable iguanas!) made it a great conference!

We enjoyed the presentations, conversations, hallway conversations between sessions and time to socialize in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

The Research Symposium

The Research Symposium provided an opportunity to explore “identity” and “disability.”

All identity
is a performance.
— Dr. Jeffrey Brune
  • How is a communication “disorder” to be seen in the context of “disability”?

  • How can we consider the “medical model” and the “social model” of disability in forward thinking?

  • Who/what defines “normal”?

    • What defines “x” as normal? And how to relate to anything other than “x”?

  • What are the “gains” woven into the challenging experience (of stuttering)?

    • Click here to read more about this, from Dr. Christopher Constantino

The unexpectedness of stuttering
forces both listener and speaker into
a space of trust and vulnerability.
— Dr. Christopher Constantino

We were enlightened and sparked to think more, thanks to the presenters:

Judy Singer (Australia) author of “Neurodiversity: The Birth of an Idea”

Dr. Jeffrey Brune, Gallaudet University (USA) author of “Disability and Passing”

Dr. Joshua St. Pierre, University of Alberta (Canada)

Dr. Chris Constantino, Florida State University (USA) - The Stuttering Gain

Many thanks to Co-Chairs, our friends and colleagues, Vivian Sisskin and Chris Constantino. Their intellectual brilliance is coupled with equally exceptional stewardship, cultivating and encouraging an inviting space for presenters and participants to “go-deeper” and consider multiple perspectives. (Not to mention the way they managed the 12hour power outage, where we sat in day long presentations and discussions, without air conditioning, no projection, no amplification. Thankfully, we had “light” and managed to “transcend” the logistical challenges. It was effortful to the point of dripping sweat, but the conversations were nourishing multiple times in return.)

International Meet-Up at Croatia Stuttering Symposium

The Croatia Stuttering Symposium (CROSS) was truly exceptional.

There is nothing like full immersion; diving deeply into topics you care about; surrounded by prolific researchers and leading clinicians; bringing together individual expertise with a collaborative spirit.

The picturesque scenery and fresh ocean breeze enhanced the experience.

Truly, this conference added new dimensions of wisdom, sharpened tools of care and sparked conversations that continue to carry us forward.

Stuttering Book Worms: Top 10 Books We Recommend

People often ask us for the best books we recommend on the topic of stuttering.  So we put together a list of books. 

In these books, you will find candid and wide-ranging perspectives. 

We hand-picked them, and we know and respect several of the the authors.  In fact, several are our colleagues and friends! 

To be honest, this list is LESS about stuttering, and MORE about the experience of living as a person who stutters.  The real struggle and the triumphs of true transcendence.

While we can assure you that not every book is right for you, you will find something that offers insight, support and inspiration. 

If you find something that interests you, go further!

We encourage you to contact the authors, as many of them are reachable via contact information in the book, or online.

And we'd be interested to hear from you as well.  Contact us.


Now without further adieu, here is our top 10:
(Titles and authors are clickable links)


1) Out With It: How Stuttering Helped Me Find My Voice, by Katherine Preston (2014)

2) The Gift of Stuttering - Confronting Life's Challenges: A Personal Journey by Moe Mernick (2016)

3) Stuttering: Inspiring Stories and Professional Wisdom by Peter Reitzes (2014)

4) Living with Stuttering by Kenneth O. St.Louis

5) Solo Ascent by Matthew LaRue (2014)

6) V-V-Voice: A Stutterer's Odyssey by Scott Damian (2013)

7) Jaguar: One Man's Struggle To Establish The World's First Jaguar Preserve by Alan Rabinowitz (2000)

and #8 and #9 for kids!

8) A Boy and A Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz (2014)

9) Paperboy by Vince Vawter, (2013) and Copyboy by Vince Vawter, (2018)


Now, those are the top 9.  As for #10.  #10 is the most impressive book yet!

10) Your story. 
The next chapter of your journey!


Stay tuned for collection of Stuttering: Top 10 Films



We also want to include these free e-books - courtesy of and thanks to Stuttering Foundation of America.

Advice to Those Who Stutter by 28 speech therapists who stutter themselves.

Trouble at Recess by Jamie (8 year old girl who stutters)

Sometimes I Just Stutter by Eelco de Geus (for ages 7-12)

Self-Therapy for the Stutterer by Malcolm Fraser

The Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician by Barry Guitar and Edward G. Conture

Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teachers

Stuttering: Its Nature and Management by Courtney Stromsta, Ph.D.

The Girl Who Stutters by Mia J., Rebecca D., and Casey W. (school-age girls who stutter)

Pages 77-81 from Stuttering: Successes and Failures by Joseph Sheehan

The Stuttering Little Ballet Boy by Sohel Bagai

IMAGES: National Stuttering Association Convention 2018 @Chicago

An incredible conference and gorgeous city! 

We learned a lot more about ACT with our friend Katie Gore and her team, and lots of other friends.  Definitely a HIGHLIGHT running 10k (me) and rollerblading (dad/Phil) on the boardwalk of Lake Michigan!

Phil Uri Chicago NSA 2018.jpg

We enjoyed seeing so many friends - and made new ones. 

But MOST OF ALL, it is incredible to see the transformative experience for our clients who came, and so many families, kids, teens and adults.  The conference is an oasis, a haven, a community of listening, love and acceptance.  

To be honest, we also gain so much from the experience.  We bask in the environment of people connecting and "transcending" differences that don't make a difference.  And we are encouraged to hear the stories of triumph, from people we know.  And probably the most valuable part is LEARNING from other professionals and from people who stutter themselves.

Nothing in any textbook or any classroom can compare to the lessons learned by spending time with people who live with stuttering.  Really LIVE!

Next year - we hope to see you there!  @NSA Convention in Ft Lauderdale, FL