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My preschool child was stuttering and I didn’t know what to do. I learned strategies to help my son at home. And now I feel empowered to help my own child.
We are enjoying our interactions more than ever!
— Irina Grabova (Fresh Meadows, NY)
At 13, I didn’t care about my stutter, but my parents did. At Schneider Speech I found a “friend” – someone I could talk to, and someone who could talk to my parents. They didn’t try to “change me.” But they helped me change some things I wanted to change.
— John (Scarsdale, NY)
Even the most seasoned speakers on the team were inspired and motivated to take their presentations to the next level.
We learned practical tools to use language and media to deliver more engaging and focused message.
— Doreet Friedman, VP Nefesh B'Nefesh

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Stuttering is a speech issue which can lead to communication problems. We work with parents to help preschool children. And we work with kids, teens and adults to discover physical speech strategies to speak with more ease as well as developing the mindfulness and courage to engage life 100%.
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Our voice is our acoustic signature. If we have a voice problem it can interfere with daily life, identity and our primary tool to talk at home, at school and at work. We help people restore their voice and build sustainable habits to sustain their vocal function for life.
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For some people, it’s hard to produce crisp sounds and clear speech. For others, the challenge is public speaking, interviews and corporate communication. We can help you clear it up with knowledge and skills to speak with more clarity, confidence and success.
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We express ourselves and understand other through words. Whether we listen or speak, read or write, we use language to understand the world around us. So when words matter, we can help understand meaning and assist in the word-finding to express ideas more fully.
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