My return to work is only a testimony of the time and efforts that you have put into helping me with this personal and professional issue (my stuttering). I’m back at work, I’m more open about my stuttering, I’m doing much better. I’m speaking with my attendings instead of worrying about how I will perform during speaking situations. Thank you so much for everything.
— Chris Smith, Physician who stutters

Adults — Stuttering

What if: 
You have trouble saying your name?
You can’t say the words what you want to?
You’re afraid to speak on the phone or order food in a restaurant?
You’re afraid that people will discover that you stutter?

Talk to us. 
Our experience shows us…
As an adult, your desire to change is the most important variable in determining the right time to speak to a qualified professional about stuttering.
In our work, we help adults gain skills and confidence in speech.

You are not alone. No matter how long you’ve spent hiding and avoiding speaking situations, it’s never too late! Through our work, adults learn how other adults have dealt with their stuttering. We will help you speak with increased freedom of speech – at work, with friends and with family.

Our approach fuses two important dynamics for people who stutter: “self-adjustment” (speech strategies) and “self-acceptance” (dealing with speech attitudes and values)

We Can Help