At 13, I didn’t care about my stutter, but my parents did. At Schneider Speech I found a “friend” – someone I could talk to, and someone who could talk to my parents. They didn’t try to “change me.” But they helped me change some things I wanted to change.
— John, Scarsdale, NY

Teens — Stuttering

What if:

You have trouble saying your name?
You can’t say the words what you want to?
You’re afraid to speak on the phone or order food in a restaurant?
You’re afraid that people will discover that you stutter?

Talk to us. 
Our experience shows us…
As a teen, your desire to change is the most important variable in determining the right time to speak to a qualified professional about stuttering.

— In our work, we help teens gain skills and confidence in speech.
— We show teens that “you are not alone.”
— Teens learn from other teens who have dealt with their stuttering.
— We help teens speak more freely – in school, with friends and with family.

We Can Help


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